Subscription Manager

Subscription Manager is a process of handling and managing the client information according to the required authentication setup.

Convergence Subscription Manager is a product that tracks installed subscriptions on a local system to help manage subscription assignments. It communicates with the backend subscription service (the Customer Portal or an on-premise server such as Subscription Asset Manager) and works with content management tools

On-Premise Subscription Service

After Subscription Manager is installed on a local system, it can track product installation, attached subscriptions, and subscriptions that are still available to be consumed. It also tracks subscription expirations and automatically attaches new subscriptions based on the system hardware and the product being attached. Most systems require simple registration. The default configuration registers the system with the main account to the Customer Portal.

Features & Benefits

  1. Restrict certain subscriptions on CCSM to whitelisted lac/cellid
  2. The Subscriptions can auto-renew but only if subscriber is still within whitelisted lac/cellid
  3. An audited track of all subscriptions and attempts
  4. Role based user authentication and authorization
  5. Ability to manage tag locations to subscriptions
  6. Customization of sms texts and strings.
  7. Check current logs, renewal logs and policy logs

Along with all the latest features, CARE external interfaces provided:

  1. GUI – customer service agents  login via HTTP browser on desktop, tablet or phone; view details and change subscriber information on the fly such as packages, subscriptions and fraud counter reset
  2. SMS & IVR – Customers make changes to their subscriptions via SMS short code request for subscribe, unsubscribe, package balance and subscription balance and customers can dial into an IVR and request changes to their subscriptions.
  3. WEB – customers  use a self-care web portal to make changes to their subscriptions

Active Customers

Afghan Wireless

AWCC NLBS web interface is a custom developed middleware to restrict certain subscriptions on IN to whitelisted lac/cellid, and to enforce a policing mechanism, notification and renewal system.

CARE3 is a unified subscription manager custom developed for Afghan Wireless. Using new technologies such as REST, it provides multiple proxies to different Intelligent Network systems deployed with AWCC.