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Our focus is on telecom-centric solutions using open-source technologies. We help develop and deliver VoIP, WebRTC, SIGTRAN, SMSC, GMLC, Camel Gateway, IN Integration and niche B/OSS solutions to Tier-1 GSM operators around the region.


Convergence’s Consultancy Solutions offer a complete range of communications solutions and services that can be utilized either as a total package or as individual solutions tailored to your specific need.

Convergence is one of a few companies in Pakistan that can act as a single source for total enterprise and telecom consultancy solutions. We provide end-to-end, full lifecycle services and support cover planning, design, implementation, management & support of networks,applications, business management and systems.

At Convergence, we have a unique set of people who combine in-depth technicalknowledge with business needs and practical project management know-how. This approach enables us to provide project management and technical QA services that understands the relationship between IT delivery and the business requirements and goals. We have proven expertise in many areas of the telecoms business. Whether youare considering entry into a new market, require regulation help, developing a new product or service, or investing in new technology, you can look to us for objective, experienced support and direction.

Whenever and wherever you implement a change, it is essential to consider the implications for the whole business. Convergence’s breadth of experience is your assurance that we never lose sight of the strategic issues.


Since 2002, Convergence has been a leading provider of open source networking solutions for core Telephony and Switching Applications in Pakistan and the Middle East. Solutions include fully featured SIGTRAN, Camel IN / GMLC / Bulk SMSC / USSD Solutions, WebRTC/SIP/VoIP/TDM Soft switches, Intelligent Network, Billing and Operation Support Systems, Legal Intercept, SS7 /SIP Interconnect Media Gateways for Long Distance and Local LoopTelephony Customers and Enterprises, Call Centers, VAS/IVR services and Voice over Packet and Internet Telephony Service Providers.

Convergence also offers professional consultation, product placement, training and proposal development, network optimization, management and performance analysis of communication networks, data centers and call centers.

We provide business critical communication solutions based on open source systems,especially those on Linux and Open Source solutions for organizations that operate successfully in today’s intensely competitive environment.



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