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WebRTC Engineer Linux, C, SIP, WebRTC, IP Networking, VoIP
Annual contract, 1 position in Islamabad

We have an ongoing project in which you will be responsible for deploying and supporting a Janus WebRTC server including troubleshooting WebRTC/SIP calls.

You should have strong VoIP, IP networking and C language development skills. You will be working in close coordination with the Project Architect, Project Manager and the Android/IOS development team.

If you can understand and are interested in working on the code at contact us immediately.

JAVA Developer JAVA, JBOSS, SLEE, IP Networking, GSM Core, SS7, SIGTRAN
Annual contract, 1 position in Islamabad

We have multiple telecom centric projects that require JAVA development especially in JBOSS/SLEE. Knowledge of SIGTRAN/SS7/MAP/CAP a plus. You will be working with the Project Architect and the Technical Sales team to identify and develop missing feature sets and rectify bugs in existing code bases and integrate them into production platforms.

Contact us immediately if you can understand and are interested in working on the code at


Drone Developer Ardupilot/DroneCode/Pixhawk
Short-term work initially, leading to full time positions. F11 Islamabad based.

We have a startup venture that is looking for ambitious, motivated engineers to help develop proof of concept and trial products in cutting edge drone related technologies for civilian applications such as surveying, mapping, payload delivery.

Aerospace engineering, robotics, AI knowhow a plus.

If you can understand and are interesting in working on the code at contact us immediately.

Python Web Developer – Flask Linux, IP Networking, Python, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB
Annual contract, 2 positions in Islamabad

We have a number of projects developed and deployed in Python using various frameworks such as Web2py. These need code clean up, unittests developed, migrated to Flask, documented, QA tested and supported. This is a junior level position and long term work at your own pace. Wrapping all application into docker container. This step gives the ability to run code in the same environment for developing, testing and production. Writing integration tests that will simulate real requests to your application. This step must be performed before refactoring the code because during refactoring some business logic may be lost. Adding type annotations, type checker, linter. Such as developer can make mistakes adding tools that automatically verify your code are necessary for the good quality project. Writing unit tests for all project. Setting up automatic deployment process. This step allows you economy a ton of time on deployment, forget about human mistakes and make your life easier.

Support Engineer
Annual Contract, multiple positions in Islamabad and Lahore

You will be responsible for Operations and Maintainence of multiple servers globally, using tools such as ufw, monit, munin, nginx, uwsgi, logwatch, logrotate, smokeping, ipsec. Strong IP networking and troubleshooting skill sets.

3D Printer
Short term position, leading to full time in Islamabad

We have a new startup that aims to develop low-cost, custom 3D printed hands for amputees using the model. You will be responsible for all aspects of this from selecting candidates,