Scalable & Reliable SMS Center

cSMSC is an Open Source SMSC built on latest and flexible middleware platform, rerouting SMS messages and regulating in an efficient manner. cSMSC can be modified to the needs of telecom service providers of different sizes all over the world.

Developed and designed to provide basic SMS features and other value added services. With an intuitive, User-friendly web-based interface, our SMS gateway is capable of delivering messages securely, reliably and instantly. It handles SMS operations, such as routing, forwarding and storing incoming text messages on their way to desired endpoints exceptionally well.

cSMSC gives the client complete freedom the use and customize the code exactly tailored for your needs. cSMSC is a Java based SMSC which gives you the freedom to avoid costly vendor lock-in.


*Integrated architecture provides limitless scalability to meet volume demands in a small imprint

*Simultaneous support for legacy and IP technologies allows for all-in-one set-up

*Intelligent Route Caching reduces HLR load and expenses by up to 50%

* saving on operator costs associated with deployment, power, personnel, and management.

cSMSC Core Features

*Broadcasting campaigns and Group messaging between subscribers

*Store and Forward: Usual interior storing of SMS messages until delivery possible

*First Delivery Attempt:  Instant distribution of messages without relying on the SMSC’s in-built Store and Forward technology and ability. Considerably surges the effectiveness of message traffic within the network and cuts traffic load on the SMSC

*Flow Control: Flexible Routing, Message Prioritization, Retry, Filtering etc

*High Availability: Database clustering, SS7 Dual Plane Redundancy 1 + 1 Worker-Standby model on cSMSC Gateway

*Billing: Detailed CDRs produced in flexible format by exporting from SQL database

cSMSC Core Services

*Mo (Mobile originated) module that handles mobile originated SMS

*Mt (Mobile terminated) module that delivers SMS to mobile

*Rx SMPP module that listens for incoming SMS from ESME and routes to Mt module

*Tx SMPP module that listens for SMS from Mo module and delivers to ESME over SMPP



cSMSC is being used by operators in many countries, processing millions of SMS’s daily. With speeds up to 1000 SMS/sec and adaptable to the needs of telecom service providers, big and small in various locations around the globe and hence resulting in the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX costs.


Several cSMSC nodes can be organized in a group across different diverse data centers to expand output and ensure redundancy, high availability and fault tolerance.


cSMSC supports legacy E1/T1 links via Sangoma SS7 cards plus connectivity to MSC/HLR via SIGTRAN links (M3UA).


In-line with the current trend, cSMSC is Cloud-ready as more and more technologies are adopting Cloud-Computing. cSMSC can be installed on dedicated hardware, private cloud setup or public IaaS such as AWS.


cSMSC is based on modern JSLEE platform, providing provides immediate usability and integration with other communication protocols such as SIP, Diameter, HTTP, XCAP, XMPP, MGCP and many others in addition to the base SMPP protocol for connectivity to ESMEs.


cSMSC jSS7 Stack comes with an efficient Command Line Interface tool and Web Management Interface allowing easy configuration and management of cSMSC. A Web based campaign tool is also included for defining new campaigns and managing the existing ones. The jSS7 stack built in cMSSC provides advanced SCCP routing rules for mapping short codes to MSISDN. Users can send SMS to short-code instead of complete MSISDN.


Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal.

Our Satisfied Customers


Fully featured SMSC cluster including four SMSCs over SIGTRAN and two application servers.

40 million sms/day SMSC

Integration with DB for MAP, Kannel ESME, Web2py Bulk application with GUI, SMPP Load-balancer, CDR modules.

DLR (Delivery Reports), Flash SMS, Web GUI etc. The overall Text Rate is 2000 Texts per sec (500 tps per SMSC). Each SMSC is connected with two STPs over SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP)

Afghan Wireless

SMSC cluster (replacing Netfors Solution) included two SMSCs over SIGTRAN and two application servers, Web GUI control interface, clustered with failover MAP nodes and centralized database and persistence SMS handling.

Integrated with DB for MAP, Kannel ESME, Web2py Bulk application with GUI, SMPP Load-balancer, CDR modules .

Custom development on USSD, Application logic and GUI development platform.


Complete Setup of SMShub (ZainZong, ZongZain, ZainMobilink).

10 Million+ SMS capability.

Inbound IVR and Outbound dialer setup on Freeswitch, IVR, trombone callback, GUI, csv parser, Dialout channel management development.

24/7 online support for SMSHUB with dedicated engineers.